Bergsig Estate (Pty) Ltd.

Bergsig offer a proud “Tradition of Quality”

Bergsig Estate - unspoilt secluded valley

The Lategan Family’s roots in the SA winelands began in 1735 when Johann Hermann Lategan settled in the Wamakers Valley close to the current Bergsig Estate. In 1843 Willem Hendrik Lategan moved to Bergsig and today, 7 generations later, the proud tradition continues.

Bergsig has been in the Lategan family for more than 170 years and everyday they are proudly aware of their history and responsibilities . The Bergsig ethos is that, “future generations are the inheritors of this estate and therefore sustainable farming methods are very important.” The motto that “wine that doesn’t cost the earth” resounds within the family.

The Estate’s wines are regularly awarded locally and internationally, and De Wet Lategan, owner and winemaker, say that the Estate’s unique soil composition, terroir and slow ripening vines are all contributing factors in producing quality wines. The valley is surrounded by high mountains, which are snow clad in winters. This ensure lower temperatures, that result in later bud break and leads to later harvest time. Harvesting running late into April, when autumn temperatures are dropping have a positive effect on acids and sugars. Both the water and the air on the Estate is exceptionally pure. So the winemaker are fortunate to work with only the best this unspoilt , secluded valley has to offer.

The Estate offer an extensive range of wines, but the main focus is quality production of Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Weisser Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. De Wet follow a tradional approach to winemaking, using modern equipment, and he try to capture the unique terroir in his wines.

At Bergsig Estate the focus is on family and heritage, wine and vine, and sustainability to preserve for future generations.

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