Bacalhoa Vinhos de Portugal, S.A.

Bacalhôa Moscatel Roxo 2002 in the Top 10 of the world Muscats wines

The Bacalhôa Moscatel roxo 2002 won a gold medal and became one of the Top 10 muscats wines in the world by the renowned competition, Muscats du Monde.

The results of the 14th Edition of the Muscats du Monde® International Wine Competition, have just been announced. Over the course of two days, international experts tasted 208 Muscats wines from all over the world. The 2014 awards list from Muscat du Monde® is an opportunity to discover the incomparable palette of aromas that Muscat wines can offer. Strict quality standards and optimal tasting conditions enabled international judges to award 73 medals that are recognised as a reliable criterion for selection.

Bacalhôa Moscatel Superior 2001 and Roxo 2002 both won a gold medal but was the Moscatel Roxo 2002 the one distinguished as one of the best Muscats in the world. These award are very significant prizes for Bacalhôa Company and for Portugal. The competition was tough, including wines from France, Italy, Spain, Australia and South Africa.
These prizes highlights how the Bacalhôa Group is producing excellent wines at very competitive prices and with international recognition. The Bacalhôa Moscatel wines have earned more and more acknowledgment both nationally as internationally throughout the years, being recognized in the last 4 years with 115 awards.

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