IM "Vinaria Bostavan" S.R.L.


The launch of Bostavan on the international market is a natural result of the company’s evolution, and was determined by the decision to integrate the product portfolio under the umbrella of a renowned brand. The company has released three collections of wines that promise to revolutionize the way consumers perceive wine. Each collection targets a separate segment of consumers: Bostavan collection - the traditional, practical consumer, Cocori - focused on young consumers and non-conformists, and Via Etulia collection - for the refined consumer.

Bostavan today

• 600 hectares of vines in Etulia and Onesti microzones.

• modern production facilities with a capacity to process 20,000 tons of grapes per season and store 15 million liters of wine.

• distribution network in over 25 countries and regions of the world.

• 10 million bottles of wine produced in 2013.

• 750 employees in Moldova, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.

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