Weingut Tesch

BLACK PEARLS - Caviar & Wine

2016 Monday, March 14 - 10:15 am Hall 13 Stand F 120 Tesch

BLACK PEARLS - Caviar & Wine

For years "caviar" has conjured unpleasant associations of over-farmed sturgeon in Russia and Iran. The choice of accompanying drink was simple: Champagne or Vodka. That was then.

This is now. The rise of sustainable aquaculture in Germany, Italy and Switzerland has led to quality caviar from the West, without the strain on the sturgeon's natural population. These factors - ecologically friendliness, tremendous quality and availability and affordable prices -have inspired many top chefs to re-envision this once-tired staple of fine dining in new and exciting ways. Which in turn begs the question: What shall we drink with that? Bold minds are finding interesting answers on how to draw out caviar's fascinating nuances.

Sommelier Jürgen Giesel (e. AQUA***, Wolfsburg) has embraced the full spectrum of new possibilities. All questions related to the caviar itself will be handled by culinary specialist Joachim Eisenberger (BOSFOOD, Meerbusch).

Due to limited seating – invitation only. Registration is required (info@weingut-tesch.de).

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