Les Vignerons de Buzet


Vignerons de Buzet are 'Bee Friendly'

The Vignerons de Buzet winery has recently been awarded the 'BEE FRIENDLY' label for the Gueyze vineyard. Starting this spring (2015), the Chateau de Gueyze rosé will now bear the distinctive logo. The Vignerons de Buzet is the first French wine producing company to be officially recognized as being a ‘friend of the bees’. This European label was developed by the bee-keepers themselves, after having jointly created the Bee Friendly association, and highlights those products which are produced using pollinator-friendly practices.

Beyond the label itself, we see this as a reward for the continuous and coherent work we carry out to constantly improve our cultural practices.

Faithful to our principle that winegrowing should respect both Man and Nature, we were amongst the initial pioneers of the BEE FRIENDLY approach, working jointly with the association to draft the first specifications drawn up for the wine industry.

But our cooperation is not limited to labels: we are already planning a number of other collaborative projects, including meetings between the bee-keepers' associations and our winemakers.

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