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BAAS - Single Malt Whisky made in Düsseldorf

Monday, March 16

10:00 a.m.

TESCH-Stand Halle 13 / F110


BAAS – Single Malt Whisky made in Düsseldorf

Did you know that there's top-grade whiskey maturing... high above the rooftops of Düsseldorf? This splendid spirit is produced right in the heart of the famous Old City! Düsseldorf's " BAAS" whiskeys have developed a cult following among our friends at UERIGE. Dipl. Ing Michael Schnitzler and Master Distiller Dr. Christoph Tenge will lead a guided whiskey tasting through their Rhineland-based distillery.


UERIGE is a top-fermenting house brewery that has been brewing the best of beers in the heart of Düsseldorf since 1862. Naturally, we adhere to the German purity law of 1516. No tour of Düsseldorf Altstadt is complete without a visit to our time-honored institution.
Our brewery is a surprisingly congenial mixture of manual craft and elegant state-of-the-art. Traditional quality management technology such as cooling ship and drip cooler are paired with cutting-edge control systems. The abundance of copper creates an inimitable atmosphere in the brewhouse, which extends into the guestrooms, where large glass panes allow a thorough view of the brewhouse. The fermenting cellar, in contrast, is futuristic: protected through a glass front, the yeast operates best in the new, open stainless-steel vats. The glass floor allows a glimpse of the filtering cellar. To complete the overall brewery complex, traditionally filled wooden kegs stand alongside a modern bottling station. In fact, the Uerige is the only Altbeer left to be brewed and bottled entirely and in every single step within the premises in the heart of the historical city center. In other words: ours is a transparent brewery.

We can do that, too!
In 2008, we opened our Stickum annex, where we also installed a distillery, made by the Arnold Holstein company from Markdorf by Lake Constance. It is a steam-heated still that comprises a 250-liter pot still with three reinforcements, a dephlegmator, and a catalyst.

Its size and features make this the perfect still to produce full-bodied yet mild distillates. This is where we make the two beer brandies Stickum and Stickum Plus. For these brandies, we use two beers brewed specifically for the purpose: Sticke and Doppelsticke. We also distil our own whisky, called Baas, which ages in the attics of our UERIGE premises. The major part of our Baas gains its unique taste from maturing in American White Oak casks.
Additionally, our master distillers broaden the range of aromas of this Uerige spirit by allowing the distillate to rest in bourbon casks, amongst others. After the first tasting, connoisseurs immediately praised the elegant overtone; the caramel flavor, typical of bourbon, reverberates nicely while a certain sweetness that is both light and dense takes shape. The whisky furthermore matures in sherry and port casks.
All of our brandies have been repeatedly awarded prizes as winners of their categories at the Destillata Salzburg.

The following brandies are being presented here:

STICKUM: made from Sticke beer. This beer brandy has an animating malty body with fine nuances of hops and aromatic impressions of pears and apples. The finish is lengthy, warming, and dry.

STICKUM Plus: made of our Doppelsticke beer. After distilling, Stickum Plus is left to age for six months in casks made of French Limousin oak. Its subtle nose of hops and vanilla slightly covers the very delicate beer flavor; it is weighty and powerful on the palate and has a lengthy, reverberating finish. We will introduce a special creation here, aged in red wine casks.

BAAS: The mash used for our Single Malt Whisky is made according to our own unique recipe, brewed with special malts and fermented with Uerige yeast. It ages for at least three years in new casks made of American White Oak. Its animating whisky aroma is complex and intense, with convincing echoes of wood and grains. It has a powerful body and harmonious character.

As a surprise special for the ProWein show, we will present several Single Cask varieties that have aged in selected casks such as sherry and port casks.

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