ProWein Anniversary 2014: Celebrated in Song

The leading trade fair for the international wine and spirits industry, ProWein in Düsseldorf, will be celebrating its anniversary in 2014. 20 years ago, on 23 and 24 February 1994, Düsseldorf was host to the first edition of ProWein – back then still under its original name PRO VINS. 321 exhibitors from nine countries met here with 1,517 visitors, primarily from Germany and France. Since then ProWein has undergone enormously dynamic growth: from 23 to 25 March 2014 some 4,800 international exhibitors and about 45,000 trade visitors from throughout the world will be awaited in Düsseldorf.

“As Long as You Like” – the ProWein Song

Every birthday deserves a song – and ProWein’s 20th birthday is no exception. However, here Messe Düsseldorf has “turned the tables” a little: to mark the anniversary ProWein is giving the sector a song. Commenting on this Michael Degen, Executive Director at Messe Düsseldorf and Director of ProWein, said: “We wanted an anniversary idea that gave something back to our customers. After all, they are the ones who made ProWein what it is today: the leading trade fair in the international wine and spirits sector. Music is a language ‘spoken’ the world over – and therefore very much in tune with the international approach of ProWein.”

The new ProWein song “As Long as You Like” is about the love of wine, about the joy wine can bring people and about the happy moments in life that are often accompanied by a glass of wine. “We very consciously chose not to produce a ‘ProWein hymn’. Instead we wanted a song that underlines what is cordial, convivial and lovely about the product of wine that ultimately connects us all,” explains Degen and adds: “we hope the sector likes it.”

Milestones and Impressions from 20 Years presented Online

“As Long as You Like” is featured on ProWein’s new anniversary website, accessible via www.prowein.com/20years. The song can be streamed for listening online or downloaded free in mp3 format.

Furthermore, the online presence invites you to browse through the history of ProWein. The “Milestones” section maps out the stages in the fair’s development and provides interesting anecdotes. Photos of past events, the very first press release and screenshots of the first website all supplement the retrospective. Add to this, reports from exhibitors who have been loyal to ProWein since its beginnings in 1994. These tell of their personal experiences and memories throughout the 20 years of ProWein.

However, it is not only these “anniversary exhibitors” who will get to have their say on the website. Every ProWein exhibitor or visitor is cordially invited to share their stories, anecdotes or photos with the “ProWein Community” (under the menu point of the same name). Karaoke versions of “As Long as you Like” are also welcome; the lyrics and chords are available online. Those wishing to submit something should send their contribution to Miriam Sinatra (SinatraM@messe-duesseldorf.de). The best contributions will be published on the ProWein website and its social network channels.