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Wine country Moldova

Moldova, the little country with a distinct wine culture like no other in Eastern Europe, presents itself with the record number of 15 wineries and more than 130 wines from March, 24. –26. On ProWein 2013, Hall 6, booth B50. At two commented tastings on Sunday, March, 24 and Monday, March, 25 at 11 a.m. the renowned wine journalist and Moldova connoisseur Rudolf Knoll will introduce the best Moldovan white and red wines. The former Soviet republic, which at high times provided more than 50 % of the wine in the Soviet Union, has put a lot of effort and successfully improved the quality of its wines over the past few years. Moldovan wines don’t fear competition with international ones and offer a lot of „value for money“ in all market areas and price ranges.

„New wines from an old part of Europe“ is the title of two master classes, which are taking place on March, 24 and 25, presenting the wine country of Moldova and a diving an overview of its best wines. Among them are whites, rosés and reds made of the international varieties Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon but also of autochthonous varieties like Feteasca Alba, Rkatsiteli, Feteasca Neagra, Bastardo, Saperavi and Rara Neagra – varietal or in blends.

107.800 hectares of vineyards reach over the only 33.843 square kilometres large former Soviet republic. This is more area under vines than all of Germany has, reduced to the area of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Moldova has been separated into four winegrowing zones since 2011 which soon will receive their registrations as areas of denomination. The hilly Codru area in the centre stretches over 58.000 and is the largest one of all four. It offers the best conditions for the production of white and sparkling wines as well as some red varieties. The wineries of Cricova, Chateau Vartely, Asconi and Agrovin Bulbacoa are located there. From the area of Valui lui Traian in the south west, between the frontier river Prut and the veld of Budjak close to the Black Sea, come 43.500 hectars of strong red wines but also dessert wines like Ciumai or Trifesti. Here, in former Bessarabia, are the homes of the wineries DK-Intertrade, Bostavan, Fautor, Gitana and Basavin. The Stefan Voda region in the south east reaches only over 10.000 hectares, but has been very well known among experts since the 19th century for its red wines. The most important companies there are: Purcari, Salcuta and Cimislia. The cooler Balti area in the north provides the basic wines for the production of Brandy.

Based on the different sizes and structures of its companies, Moldova can currently produce any kind of wine for every taste and every market rage – always with a very good value for money. Numerous medals at international wine competitions prove the quality revolution that has been going on in the small country between Romania and the Ukraine in the last few years. Since the Russian embargo in 2006, the formerly unknown wine destination has continuously developed new markets in Western Europe and overseas. 85 percent of the production is exported nowadays, mainly to Russia, Kazakstan and Ukraine, but also to Poland, the Czech Republic, China, Romania, the United States, Germany and even Nigeria.

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