Clos Cor Vi

Do you want to know how european whites grapes (riesling + viognier) develop in south-east Spain (Valencia)? Clos Cor Vi: white wines core


The CLOS COR VI vineyards are located in the town of Moixent, in the heart of the Montesa valley, a natural corridor between two mountain ranges, with an altitude of 400 metres above sea level, caressed by the Mediterranean breezes.

This is a traditional winegrowing area, with vines characteristic of these lands growing side by side with experimental vines (for natural and organic wine production) using biodynamic winegrowing methods.

Prodigious lands, once a passageway for ancient cultures (Iberians, Romans, Carthaginians), and now a rare chance to see winegrowing as an expression of local traditions in an area with optimum natural conditions for vineyards.


Technical data on the estate

Altitude: 400 m.a.s.l.
Rainfall: 800 rnm/year
Soil type: Calcareous-clay.
Rich in organic material and iron.
Vineyard orientation: Facing east-west (Llevant-Ponent).
Dryland farming area
Vines grown on double-row espalier system.
Soil protection using spontaneous plant cover.
Vine.growing pattern:
2.70 x 1.30 m..
Vine-growing density: 2700 vines/Ha.

• Riesling: 1.5 He
• Viognier: 1.5 Ha
• Verdi': 0.5 Ha
• Small-grain Muscatel: 0.5 Ha

Experiments/ varieties:
• Marsanne. 0.3 Ha
• Roussane: 0.2 Ha