Antech 2012 Havest

As usually, post harvest was the most stressing period of the year.
The spring was generously rainy and let the place to a grey summer with a scorching August.
Grapes grew very quickly and stopped their maturation in half-August because of water saturation.

So, the recurring and crucial questions were:
- When will we start the harvest?
- Earlier for acidity or later for aromas?

Finally Chardonnay’s first grapes wines came the 30 on August.
The recolt was less plentiful than its in 2011 but it brought us a wonderful vintage wine with more purity: Chardonnay and its aromas, Chenin and its amazing freshly and Mauzac and its tastes of fresh apples and white flesh fruits.
Basic wines are very promising. Patience because no bubble will be in our glass before 2014!