ABK6 Cognac Vignobles Francis Abecassis


The success of Single Malt whiskies is remarkable, especially with regard to the value brought to the «Blend» category.

ABK6 offers the same type of upgrade compared to the classic Cognac blended brands: The method : Single Estate

Each step of the ABK6 Cognac production is carried out on the estate.
Vineyard, wine, distillation, ageing, blending and bottling.

AMBITION: In order to answer the expectations of a new generation of brown spirits consumers, ABK6 gives local roots to its Cognacs, bringing that way more AUTHENTICITY to the message proposed.

BACKGROUND: This strategy is backed by 250 HECTARES ideally located on the top of chalky hills, producing outstanding distillation wines and giving to the sprits produced exceptional ageing potential. The equivalent of 3 million bottles have been gently mellowed in Limousin oak barrels for more than 10 years, offering long term availability and irreproachable stability in quality.

PACKAGING: The original and elegant bottle, combines an affirmative modernity with its marked shoulders, with a deep respect of the Cognac tradition, displayed in a rich and informative front-label.

MEDALS: Over the last 5 years, ABK6 Cognacs have been crowned with MORE THAN 60 AWARDS during the most prestigious international tasting competitions. Taste-wise, the Single Estate method has proven its superiority.

FAMILY: Fully owned by the ABECASSIS FAMILY - which name is the origin of the ABK6 acronym - the company offers reactive and efficient marketing packages to distributors aiming at bring more value in their Cognac portfolio. A backlog of proven success in several countries reinforce the family belief in the Single Estate approach.