Domaine Champeau


Step out of the ordinary. The best France has to offer, slim, tasty and divine

Step out of the ordinary and pick a 50cl bottle of wine. It is the best France has to offer in just the right amount. 50cl offers you the chance to uncork a bottle upon entry of a new dish. Yes uncorking, just old-fashioned as it should. Maybe you have to get back to practice but if that’s what it takes then so be it. Open the bottle and allow the content to breathe. Meanwhile get ready for a special treat. Because you are just about to taste divine Pouilly Fumé from one of the most highly regarded wineries in France.

This wine is made from Sauvignon grapes on plots located in St. Andelain France.

50CL Pouilly Fumé is a dry, fruity white wine typically more fully bodied and rich in texture than others. It can be enjoyed as an aperitif, a perfect match with seafood and white meat.
Cheese is an easy complement to this wine especially goat’s cheese. Served at a temperature of 12 degrees.

50cl wines are excellent wines that drinks well young and ages gracefully. Storages: up to 5 years

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