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Greece – great history with the best times still to come


Greek wine has a prestigious history and, according to its winemakers an equally great future. Terroirs from mountains to arid, dry near-desert, an abundance of indigenous varieties, and often very limited production volumes result in many rare treasures. Greece conjures up a whole host of potential superlatives.
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Blaufränkisch – Mirror of Terroir


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German wine - heading for the future


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Craft beer - cellar spirits on the road to success 


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It is clear - the good old gin brings it to new honours


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Organic, biodynamic, natural, orange – where is the journey headed?


Never before have there been so many wines with an organic seal as today. And everything points to the fact that there will be many more. In a flood of ever increasing demand, many specialists ride their own wave. Biodynamic, natural and orange wines stand out from the mainstream. The market is becoming increasingly diversified. Where is the journey headed? 
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Wine and health – always good for a headline


Wine and health is one of the major topics of the world of wine. Although the discussion is mainly conducted using scientific arguments, the atmosphere is often highly emotional. There are studies galore with more and more indicators. However, a clear result is further away than ever. Thereby, some of the results could be reliable.
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Prosecco – from regional table wine to a global lifestyle


Only a few decades ago, Prosecco was nothing more than a wine from the area to the north of Trieste. It has come a long way, thanks to its uncomplicated character. The sparkling wine is consumed on five continents and has quantitatively outperformed the competition. Prosecco does not even have particularly great brands – but it is a darling of fortune.
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Normandy – apples in the rhythm of centuries


Wine and brandy from apples is often an alternative in those places where vines cannot thrive. In Normandy, producers look in more detail into the quality spectrum of the fruit. In addition to the classic Calvados, the really rather rural cider has the talent to conquer a place in the hipster bars of this world – and is now getting unexpected competition from the neighbourhood.
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Lebanon – undiscovered treasures in the high plains


The history of winegrowing in Lebanon goes back an incredible 5000 years. However, the present is determined by the situation in the neighbouring countries of Israel and Syria. In the middle of the witch’s cauldron of world politics, oenologists are looking for the best way of working in this fine terroir. And in spite of all the history, winegrowing is somehow only at the start.
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