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Bonjour ProWein. It still feels like the first day!


France is proud to be the partner country for the 25th anniversary of the world’s largest wine fair. We love sharing our savoir-faire. We love sharing these special moments with you. Just like we have done for the last 25 years, and for many more to come.
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Collio & Co. – Italy‘s top white from the North


Even well travelled wine lovers often aren’t familiar with the Collio, on the extreme north-eastern edge of Italy. This showcase region for Italian white wines lies right at the border with Slovenia. Here is where some of the greatest upheavals in the recent history of wine occurred. Twelve approved grape varieties give the winegrowers plenty of scope - and plenty to discuss.
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Alsace - the finest patchwork in the world


Alsatians make varietal wines, live in old half-timbered houses and crown a wine queen every year. No other region in France is quite like it. They produce a significant quantity of organic and even biodynamic wine. Their intricate soil formations express the land in numerous ways. And there are ever more to chose from.
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Provence – Lilac fields and red vines galore, but rosé holds the greatest charm


Beyond sunshine and good cuisine, Provence is all about beauty and easy-going enjoyment. For a long time Provençal rosé was a rather simple pleasure, but with the worldwide rosé boom, the salmon-coloured wine came back into the limelight. And many winemakers are only too happy to oblige with what their customers expect.
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Family business on a grand scale – Family owned wineries in Italy


Italy’s massive wine industry produces over five billion litres of wine every year, yet family businesses that have been making wine for generations still enjoy considerable success. In the past, they shaped not only viticulture but also rural lifestyle. Many of them remain at the forefront today.
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Greece – great history with the best times still to come


Greek wine has a prestigious history and, according to its winemakers an equally great future. Terroirs from mountains to arid, dry near-desert, an abundance of indigenous varieties, and often very limited production volumes result in many rare treasures. Greece conjures up a whole host of potential superlatives.
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Blaufränkisch – Mirror of Terroir


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German wine - heading for the future


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Craft beer - cellar spirits on the road to success 


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It is clear - the good old gin brings it to new honours


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