The wine producing country of Chile reinvents itself

Photo: Arbedola Vineyards, Aconcagua Costa
Photo: Aldo Olivier Gramola founded his vineyard Viña Falernia.
Photo: Wine growing in the Andes.
Photo: The Team of Vina Falernia.
Photo: Cool Climate vineyards in Valle Limarí.
Photo: Valle Limarí is a paradise for extremely mineral-rich Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blancs
Photo: New large plants in the Colchagua valley
Photo: Marcelo Retamal, head of oenology at the model company De Martino.
Photo: They are called Huasos.
Photo: Cueca - Chilean folklore of the countryside.
Photo: Early morning fog in the vineyard near the coast.
Photo: Tabalí vineyards, 29 kilometres away from the Pacific.
Photo: Modern wine cellars of the Tabalí vineyard.
Photo: 2,200 year-old rock carvings from the El Molle culture.
Photo: A harvester from the vineyard Haras del Pirque.
Photo: Eduardo Chadwick, owner of the traditional Viña Errazuriz.
Photo: The new DO Aconcagua Costa.
Photo: Aconcagua Costa - a new area for vineyards.
Photo: Arboleda vineyards in Aconcagua Costa.
Photo: Arboleda wine bottles.
Photo: Maria Luz Marín, founder of the now highly regarded vineyard Casa Marín.
Foto: Ein Syrah von Casa Marin.

The Chilean wine industry is in upheaval. The keywords are "Cool Climate"

Out of the hot Valle Central, the backbone of Chilean winegrowing, nearer to the coast

Photo: Arboleda wine bottles.

"With this, we are setting a benchmark for the quality and authenticity of Chilean wines all over the world."