Sicily – a continent awakens

Photo: Horse with plough
Photo: Vegetables from Sicily
Photo: House with Arabic origins
Photo: Mount Etna
Photo: Vegetation at Mount Etna
Photo: Coast of the island Pantelleria
Photo: Steep coast of Pantelleria
Photo: Saline near Taormina
Photo: Coast Taormina
Photo: Taormina at night
Photo: Syracuse

A hub for culture

Photo: The town Syracuse

Curse transforms into blessing

Photo: Tasting

Renaissance through sustainability

Greek wine as the key to success

Photo: Pantelleria

World heritage on the lava slope

Photo: Terraced landscape
Photo: Alberello on the island of Pantelleria
Photo: Tancredi wine cellar
Photo: Old vine with shoot
Photo: Growing wine at Mount Etna
Photo: Mount Etna vineyards
Photo: Donnafugata on the island of Pantelleria

High-tech at the end of a dirt road