Rioja – old Spanish nobility in tune with the times

Photo: Vineyard Viña Real
Photo: Vineyard Baigorri
Photo: Vineyard Baigorri at night
Photo: Vineyard Baigorri - view from far away
Photo: Kegs vineyard Baigorri
Photo: Old vintage Baron de Ley
Photo: Wine cellar Beronia
Photo: Logrono wine bar
Photo: Old vintage Beronia

Celtiberians press wine

Photo: DOCa Rioja bottles

“The better white wine is a red wine“ (Spanish saying)

Lots of time, lots of wood

Photo: DOCa Rioja

Long history in export

Photo: Sierra Cantabria
Photo: DOCa Rioja
Photo: Vine
Photo: Landscape Rioja
Photo: DOCa Rioja
Photo: Tempranillo grapes
Photo: Landscape Rioja

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