Pioneering Spirit “Made in Germany”

Photo: Klaus Schröder, President of the Chilean Oenological Association.

"Ideal conditions for winemaking"

Photo: Bodega Alta Cima in Chile.
Photo: The Eben-Aresti family with Eugenio Eben (right)
Photo: In 2006 the company Viña Aresti successfully launched that brand “Espíritu de Chile”.
Photo: Vendimia: Vintage in Chile!
Photo: Kai Schubert and Marion Deimling: went in search of the Pinot Noir “Holy Grail” and struck lucky.
Photo: Kathrin Puff, Geisenheim graduate, for five years now running the Siam Winery.
Photo: Vineyards in South Africa.
Photo: Winemaker Ralf Zeitvogel (middle)
Photo: Vineyards of Stirbey/ Romania.
Photo: Oliver Bauer originally "Flying Winemaker", today in Dragasani/ Romania.
Photo: Markus and Anita Schieber: purchased a 30-hectare wine estate in Szekszárd.
Photo: Jürgen Wagner part of a success story that has made it as far as the Wall Street Journal.

Lucky struck in search of the Pinot Noir “Holy Grail”

Photo: Siam Winery

"I always need a new challenge."

"Instead of the Black Forest here, we have the ocean on the doorstep"

Photo: Vineyards of Stirbey/ Romania.

“This is a real Eldorado for inquisitive winemakers willing to experiment”

"Become a vintner incidentally"