Cabernet Sauvignon instead of cachaça

Photo: Vinicola Miolo
Photo: Luciana Salton
Photo: Campanha: the current Eldorado of winegrowing
Photo: “We are Brazil’s best region”, says Ricardo Haas, cellarer at Almadén in Santana do Livramento
Photo: Gauchos in the South
Photo: The Pötters: infected by the “wine virus”
Photo: Brazilian vintners does not even shy away from craggy mountain ridges and altitudes beyond the 1,000-metre mark
Photo: Warm air blower machine against frost
Photo: Celso Panceri with daughter: a long-established vintner family
Photo: Dari Scaraboto: leader of the Vinicampos cooperative – established in 2006
Photo: Vale do Sao Francisco
Photo: Dégorgement at Geisse
Photo: To this day 85 per cent of Brazilian wine production stems from the Serra Gaúcha region
Photo: Gilberto Pedrucci