Lukas Krauß – Riesling but Silvaner

Lukas Krauß is exceptional on many counts. He is committed to unpopular grape varieties and uncomfortable political statements. He takes many decisions based on a gut reaction. This produces wonderful wines like the Pornfelder. Lukas Krauß is loud and honest and you will see him rarely if ever in a suit. He talks a different language to others in the wine sector and deals with the entire topic in a very down-to-earth manner. Lukas Krauß loves wine! He classifies his wines according to his own tastes: and you will never see him without a hat on his head. This is his trademark. And hats also categorise his wines. One hat stands for good and two for even better.

Weingut Krauß
Weisenheimer Str. 23
67245 Lambsheim, Germany

phone: +49 177 8631760