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Visitor statements

Christian Schmidt, Consultant, VIF Wineconsult GmbH, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
Mr. Schmidt visits ProWein for the 23rd time. He works as a consultant for retailers for their own brands or passes on his expertise to wine shops. He mentions: "In the meantime ProWein is the most important trade fair and is constantly developing." For him, it is especially a question of efficiency why the visit is worthwhile. He continues: "Once an initial visit to new business partners has been made, meetings can always take place at ProWein, where everyone is located for three days." One point could be optimized: "I have so many appointments, have a look at my list, an additional fair day would be better!"

Petra Oehmke, Buyer Spirits/Sparkling Wine and Chamgagne, Lekkerland Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Frechen, Germany
Ms. Oehmke is looking for suppliers of premium spirits in whiskey, rum or gin. She explains: "We are not focused on the standard products of the common food retailing." The product alone does not play the sole role: "Together with the suppliers, we develop creative service offerings, for example optimizing the logistics chain for maximally individualized ordering processes." Ms. Oehmke finds the development in the craft segment especially exciting, when small innovative spirits producers get the quality of the products and the marketing to the point and exploit strengths such as regionality to differentiate.

Juan Antonio Calleja Martinez, Wine Marker, Altovela Bodegas and M. Caremen Millán Alonso, Sales Manager, Altovela Bodegas Corral de Almaguer (Tuledo), Spain
Altovela was founded in 1965 and has an average grape processing of about 35 million kilograms. With 625 partners, they are one of the largest wine cooperatives in Spain. The two envoys visit ProWein for just one day and are busy,of course. They want to have enought time to get inspirations of the exhibitors. Ms. Alonso explaines: "We are already producing with the latest technology, but we do not stand still and constantly strive to improve. Especially details like the design of a bottle or gluing and designing labels from other manufacturers are of interest for us. We get a lot of input at ProWein on these topics."

Francesco Agostini and Marco Roccarino, Employees, Winelovers s.a.s., Italy
The two Italian guys have planned two days for their ProWein visit. Their company is specialized in import and export of wines from Austria and Germany. Due to the weather conditions in 2018, the output is relatively good and the offer, according to their statement, is better than in the past years. One topic is particularly important, as Mr. Agostini states: "We think that Riesling will continue to gain in importance and become more trendy. In Germany, the manufacturers will profit enormously from the development, because the price-performance ratio is very good.

Lester Tan, CEO, Likewin Marketing SDN BHD, Kluang Johor, Malaysia
The Malaysian company Likewin is specialized in the import and export of wine. Mr. Tan visits ProWein in Düsseldorf for the first time, but already knows the fair from the ProWein Asia: "We have heard that the german ProWein is supposed to be even better than the Asian offshoot and we are here to convince ourselves," he says. We also want to find new suppliers and learn more about the general conditions in Germany. When selecting suppliers, they pay attention to quality, because this is the top priority for their customers.

Anja Schmidt, Marketing, Weinladen Schmidt, Berlin, Germany
We meet Anja Schmidt at ProWein Forum. One of a lot of places to get news from the wine industry. She has been attending the fair for a long time and knows:" Here you have to take every chance to learn more about trends in the market, but of course, you do not have to join every trend. We focus on the consultation. Today it is important to give the customers an emotional experience with the produt," the marketing expert explains. That is why her husband and she have a bar area in some of there stores. 18 years ago her husband opened up one of Berlin´s first wine bars called "Rutz" and today they benefit greatly from it:" Especially to reach young customers, you have to be where they are and want to be and that is not only in a store."

Exhibitor testimonials

Christer Andre Olsen, Country Manager Germany, Arcus Norway AS, Hagen, Norway
Arcus is one of the largest producers of spirits in Scandinavia. The company's main product is Aquavit. "We're at ProWein for the first time this year, beacuse we are convinced by the concept of the "same but different"- area, in which we fit perfectly in. We are also looking for cooperation partners in the hotel and restaurant business and hope for constructive discussions." One of the main topics at their booth is Nordic Twist: Aquavit in Cocktails. The clear one as gin substitute and for whiskey is the ripened one to use. "With this mixture, it is only a matter of time before Aquavit comes to the bar menu in a variety of Nordic Twist drinks," says Mr. Olsen.

Danilo Steyer, Owner, Steyer vina, Apače, Slovenija
Steyer vina were one of the first Slovenian winemakers at ProWein and Mr. Steyer is happy to be exhibiting again at this fair: "We have a common fair appearance with twenty private companies and six large wineries here." With focus on export, ProWein with its international focus is a must for him every year. "Maintaining our customers is our priority, because we value loyal business partners. Even without sophisticated goals, a stand is necessary, because taking part at ProWein is a quality feature itself. " In comparison to the previous year, Mr. Steyer exhibits an orange wine and a new Gewürztraminer, he would like to introduce these special wines to potential new customers.
Mindy Crawford, Wholesale Sales Director, Wölffer Estate Vineyard, Sagaponack (New York Long Island), USA
"I love New York" - A conspicuously lettering displays on the join stand of twenty New York winegrowers, who have teamed up for ProWein. Mrs. Crawford works for the Wölffer Estate Vineyard winery in Long Island and tells enthusiastically: "The region around New York is an up-and-coming wine region. Our wines are similar to those from Bordeaux in France, but have their own flavor. We regard America as a very important location in wine production. Nevertheless, we do not know such a large and general industry gathering in the US as ProWein - they are more special distributors' fairs, so to be at ProWein is indispensable to us."
Claire Mckeown, Head of Events, Halewood Wings and Spirits, Liverpool, UK
Visiting the stand, you'll notice an Irish whiskey called The Pogues. Named after the well-known Irish folk band, whose singer enjoyed the spirit often and often. Hidden behind: Halewood. Over the course of its 190-year history, the company has become one of the largest independent producers and distributors of alcoholic beverages in the UK. Mrs Mckeown explaines: "There are two important topics for us this year: Firstly, it is the ever-increasing demand for quality, which is why we want to further develop our premium segment." The second focus is to further expand into Europe. We look forward to many exciting discussions at ProWein."

Ralf Herzberger, Executive Partner, Rolf Herzberger GmbH & Co. KG, Saarbrücken, Germany
The company Herzberger was founded in 1963 and is based in Saarbrücken. Its core business is sale of exclusive wine, sparkling wine and spirits specialties. The cooperation with ProWein is also a tradition, because Herzberger was a founding member at that time. So he is an exhibitor of the first hour of ProWein. His Expectations for the fair are high again this year: "We want to introduce our new products, such as our revamped "Nicolas Napoléon" brand, and we have rejuvenated our image so that we can bring our quality to younger audiences. In addition, rosé wines play a dominant role for us regarding the future."

Luca Chiaradia, Le Favole, Sacile PN, Italy
Mr. Chiaradia represents the Italian winery Le Favole. There are about 13 wines produced, of which a small but fine selection of six varieties are to be found on the stand. As a special feature, Mr. Chiaradia emphasizes: "Contrary to the competitor's offer, our Pinot Gridio is obtained by incorporating the skin of the grapes during its ripening, which is why it has a special aroma and is recognizable by the coppery sheen instead of the bright color of its competitors." However, with all the refinements of its own production, the Italian sees the passion for wine culture as a decisive factor: "And in the end only one thing decides: one's own taste."

Fair preparation 2019

Looking behind the scences in the mall of the North entrance: Just a few hours before the official opening of ProWein.
Final steps and checks on the monitors for having a great start to mark the 25th anniversairy of ProWein.
In the halls the construction is in a full swing, everyone is busy.

Every bottle gets its fixed place. Nothing is arbitrary, everything will be perfect.

No matter if big or small business: For every exhibitor ProWein is the place to be. The anticipitation is great.

The working atmosphere is pleasant - even under time pressure.
Hall 4- The storage hall for full and at the end of the fair empty bottles. With more than 30 fork-lift trucks the bottles are driven to the fair booths.
Entrance of the area "same but different" - corved with taupaulin yet. Later on one of the high frequently visited areas.
Last preparations in the fizzz lounge in the same but different area.

Overview ProWein 2019

Überblick ProWein 2019

This year marks 25 years of growth and innovation at ProWein, the world's largest and most important trade fair for wines and spirits, and a fitting ceremonial opening was held on Sunday, 17 March. Almost 7,000 exhibitors and 60,000 visitors will visit the fair.
German Federal Minister for Agriculture Julia Klöckner (r.) opened the ProWein and took time for an exhibiton tour.
ProWein is also the perfect place to discuss and come together for UENFW -Union of European national football teams of winemakers. They are looking forward to win new members. F.r.t.l. Danilo Steyer, Martin Chlad, Erica Fischbach, Martin Wiederkehr, Robert Lönarz (Präsident), Lugi Brunetti, Sabrina Stein, Sonja Merod.

The ProWein Forum conveys knowledge. Informative professional events will regularly be presented at two central locations. These events will be as versatile and appealing as the world of winemaking itself – including tastings and presentations by experts.

Tasting is important for every exhibitor, for example in hall 9: Wines of Ontario from Canada offers products made of Gamay.
Unconventional distillers and brewers will be presenting their innovative products to their target audience in the casual atmosphere of Hall 7.0 in the "same but different" area. Have a look at Western Son Vodka from Texas with an alcohol content of 60%.
VIPs at ProWein 2019 like music producer Fritz Kalkbrenner and winegrower Nico Espenschied with: Kalkbrenner & Espenschied Weiss 2018. At ProWein they will be premiering their scintillating cuvée of Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc.
Success at the trade fair doesn’t end at 6 p.m. Under the motto “ProWein goes city”, the trade fair has shifted its sphere of activities to roughly 50 locations in the city: tastings, high quality set tasting meals and bottle parties in a relaxed atmosphere.
We meet the journalists Huifen Zhou and Ethan Viton in the press centre. They became aware of ProWein Düsseldorf, because of ProWine Asia they have visited several times. Right now its time for Düsseldorf with a wider selection of European exhibitors.