Installation Instructions: Messe Düsseldorf App for BlackBerry
1. Download the installer (ProWein_release.apk) here
2. After the file has downloaded successfully, click on the file to open the installer.


2.1. If you or your device administrator have not set the device to allow installations from an unknown source (installation of non-BlackBerry World apps), your device will instruct you to make the necessary change.
Please go to Settings and allow the installation by activating the button.
When that is done, return to the installation screen and install the app.
3. After successful installation, the app will open automatically on your device. The app will load all necessary databases onto your device, so that you can fully utilize the app immediately. (At this point you may return the parameter changed in step 2.1 to its original setting.)
In addition, the app’s icon will immediately appear on the home screen of your device.