Overview: Specialist articles

ProWein SA No. 3: Tiny Bubbles


France’s famous bubbles have for generations reaped the rewards of their reputation as the elite top tier of the global sparkling wine hierarchy. With sparkling wines representing the fastest growing wine category of the last 25 years, they, and to a lesser extent their traditional method cohorts like Cava (Spain), Franciacorta Spumante (Italy) and Winzersekt (Germany)...
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ProWein SA No. 2:
Climate Change: Taste the Burn


You might think that the reality of climate change wouldn’t be news for the global wine industry, but in many countries around Planet Wine the last years saw extreme weather events that brought a new sense of urgency to winemakers’ struggle with the effects of warming climates.
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SA No. 1:
Just a Spoonful of Sugar: Dry Innovation in Traditionally Sweet Territory


The film version of Mry Poppins may indeed be best remembered for spooning out saccharine solutions. Yet were the English nanny to encounter her grown-up charges today, a drop of modern dry would just as like be her first choice. And according to the numbers, Mary isn’t alone.
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SA No. 4: Chenin Blanc & Gamay: 21st Century Mega-Cool Twins


#chenincheninchenin is the battle cry of a global army of sommeliers fighting to make the Chenin Blanc grape great again and at its head stands a modern Jeanne D’Arc by the name of Pascaline Lepeltier. Like the grape she’s a native of the Loire Valley in France, but this movement is based in New York City...
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SA No. 3: Yes, We Can: the Rise of Canned Wines


Purist and pretension both start with P. So does ProWein, although the three need not inherently go together. Plenty of ink has been spilled elsewhere on what WINE can be: a cultural treasure, a sublime component of haute cuisine, a fabulous investment. This article is concerned with something else: what a WINE CAN can be.
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Specialiste article No. 2: Rare Air: High Altitude Vineyards


One of the first things any student of wine learns is the classic climate types: Maritime, Mediterranean and Continental. The underlying conceit is that these three profiles encompass the entire range of optimal conditions for grape cultivation worldwide. A new generation of high-altitude vineyards — many available for tasting at ProWein 2019...
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Specialist article No. 1: China’s Wine Future


While certainly few of us missed China’s rise to the position of a major economic power, that newly established prowess continues to fight the biased western preconception of wine and China. On the one hand we have the image of the Chinese wine drinker pouring cola in her Chilean Cabernet or ice cubes in his red Bordeaux, on the other the Chinese market is perceived...
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The New Road to the Far North


There’s no imposing wall of ice rising to mark the winegrowing boundaries of the ‘Far North’. The truth is much more mundane – an academic distinction between what is “inhospitable” and what is merely “cool climate.” And that line is constantly moving. But the general public, and even many members of the wine industry, have yet to really notice...
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Natural Disobedience: The Success of Natural Wines Outside the Limelight


ProWein 2018 – Specialist Article No. 2 / December 2017 Natural wine’s moment-in-the-sun has ostensibly come and gone, but natural wine is very much still present. We’re encouraging you to give this trend re-newed attention at ProWein 2018, because it will inform what your nose and palate are telling you at stand after stand this year: many crucial insights long-championed by natural ...
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Wine’s Trending Pursuit of Freshness: Why Less is More


Wine boasts 6,000 years of documented history and a reputation woven in tradition and mystique. It’s an unlikely candidate for wholesale change. Yet the developing face of what we like to call The New Freshness is surprisingly dynamic and truly shaking things up. Young consumers are leading this break with the past, seeking out wines with a focus on fun and relaxation, ...
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