Brixius-Böllinger: Wake up with Brixius!

Manuel is 34 years young – and already a Riesling expert. He grew up among vines in his family’s winery in Maring on the river Mosel. Later he studied winemaking and oenology in the international wine city of Geisenheim in the historic Rheingau area. At the winery of American Riesling pioneer Hermann J. Wiemer in the State of New York he learned even more about the multiple faces of Riesling. Now he is back home in the family business and besides producing typical Mosel Riesling he spends his time with new ideas. He has combined the aromatic and flavourful worlds of coffee and wine – Brixius wakes you up!

Weingut Brixius-Bölinger
Moselstr. 33
54484 Maring-Noviand, Deutschland

phone: +49 6535 571