Bodegas Langa – Wine but Soul

Bodegas Langa is the only historic wine estate in Northern Spain’s wine-growing region of Calatayud extending up to an altitude of over 1,000 m. Family owned since 1867, Bodegas Langa produce excellent wines from grapes of up to 100 years old. Their Pl tinto and Pl blanco wines are outstanding.

Striking here is the innovative design of the wine bottles sporting the mathematical symbol Pi as a reference to the vineyard’s 3.1415 hectares – where the autochthonous grape variety Consejon has been cultivated for over 80 years now. This so rare grape variety is now being planted again to prevent its extinction.

Bodegas Langa Hnos. S.L.
Ctra. N.II, km 241,700
4950300 Calatayud, Spain

phone: +34 976 881818