Azienda Agricola Carvinea


Dedicated to those who appreciate the true value.

Carvinea is situated in Alto Salento, near Carovigno. We wanted to do something different: to produce wines from not native vines Aglianico, Montepulciano and Petit Verdot are recognized among the IGT Puglia.

With the help of Riccardo Cotarella, worldwide known winemaker, we found how new vines could adapt in Puglia climate and in our land, that is near the sea. 
We planted 11 acres of Montepulciano, Aglianico e Petit Verdot vineyards. 

Next year we will produce a Fiano Minutolo and a DOC brought back to the modern époque as Ottavianello DOC!

Those varieties express the essential characteristics of Terroir in Puglia.

Our land was digged out, fertilized and we waited until it was ready. We planted 400 vines per acre only. We can take excellent care of our vines: it takes the produce of three vines to produce one bottle. 
Lunachiena, Merula, Sorma, Frauma e Sierma are red wines with exclusively olfactory nuances and a strong personality. Merula Rosa is Provencal-style rosé, fresh and fruity.
Our production is small: 35.000 bottles per year.

Beppe di Maria and Riccardo Cotarella have embraced a unique and fascinating journey. Their attention to detail, rigorous refining process and tireless patience have all paid off to create and deliver a product that reflects their passion.
Carvinea wines are a gesture of love, reflecting the strength of a land where the sun merges with the generosity of Apulian land.
Sierma, Frauma, Sorma and Merula wines are dedicated to all those who appreciate the real value.