Moldova Wine Guild

Wine of Moldova – the Moldovan wine country brand program presented officially at ProWein 2014

John Kerry in Moldova

The Republic of Moldova has developed a national promotion program “Wine of Moldova” aiming to build Moldova’s image as a quality wine producing country and to build new partnerships on EU markets. “Wine of Moldova” will serve as a wine country brand promoting those wines selected to represent the best Moldova’s wine potential, under the supervision of the National Office for Wine and Vine (ONVV), a public institution founded by the wine industry and the government to manage promotion activities, wine sector development programs and the PGI/PDO promotion system.

The launch of the generic wine brand “Wine of Moldova” is the culmination of more than two years of the wine sector reform, consisting of: the harmonization of the wine legal framework with the EU regulation, the settlement of the production of wines with protected geographical indication, the definition of its key target markets and the marketing strategy and the regulation of the quality control accordingly to international standards. In addition, Moldovan wineries have invested in the last 3 years about 15 mln EUR in new equipment, technology and vineyards.

The Wine of Moldova brand is based on a long and proud winemaking tradition, as US Secretary John Kerry highlighted in his visit to Moldova in December 2013

More importantly for Moldova’s future, the wine industry is a key sector of the Moldovan economy. Moldovan winemakers display the talent and capacity to produce wines that compete globally and the Moldovan wine industry is demonstrating that it can also market wines efficiently.

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