Weingut Meierer - Riesling but Not as We Know It.

Riesling is probably Germany’s most well-known grape variety. Changing anything about these long-standing cultivation techniques is for some tantamount to blasphemy. Precisely for this reason Matthias Meierer is exploring new avenues.

“Meierer Projects” are also inspired by non-wine-growers. For instance, since 2011 Meierer has worked with the successful Danish brewer Mikkel Borg Berso (Mikkeller). Arising from this cooperation are a Riesling sour beer and a “beer geek Riesling”. In 2015 Mikkel Borg Berso will even become a vineyard owner in Kesten. Alongside individual projects Weingut Meierer also has an unconventional wine: its Riesling WTF!? shows how a very different type of Riesling can be produced merely by altering one stage in the vinification process.

Matthias Meierer

Matthias Meierer

Weingut Meierer GbR
Am Herrenberg 15
54518 Kesten, Germany

phone: +49 6535 7012