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Want to invest in fine wine? Follow the Penfolds Guide to Wine Investment and Cellaring to Unlock the Mystery

In times of economic uncertainty, traditional forms of investment such as real estate and stocks and shares, can appear increasingly risky. However, some commodities can be
more profitable than others such as investing in fine wine, and with careful research consumers are able to achieve modest returns. The benefit of wine investment is that it
needn’t cost a lot, with good investment pieces starting at around £10, and if the
investment doesn’t pay out there will always be a delicious bottle of wine to drink at the end of it!
One of the most highly traded wines at auctions across the world is the iconic Penfolds
Grange, popular due to the winemaker’s heritage and reputation for quality and
consistency. With only a limited number of reserves available, Penfolds Grange has been known to demand prices of up to £23,000 a bottle. The benefits of cellaring wines don’t just stop at investment. Great pleasure can also be
experienced from drinking wines as they mature. Peter Gago, PENFOLDS Chief
Winemaker comments, “While people tend to talk about wines as an investment, in the
end most people look at them as an enjoyable drink. There is nothing more rewarding
than patiently waiting for a fine wine to mature, and whatever the price point,
PENFOLDS wines are ideal for savouring and enjoying at a later date.” Don’t know where to start? Wine investment is not just restricted to connoisseurs, with the PENFOLDS Guide to Wine Investment, even the most amateur wine enthusiast can
soon be discovering the benefits of investing, cellaring and enjoying fine wines.

- Penfolds Grange Shiraz 2004 A great vintage due to the seasonal conditions of above average winter rainfall leading into warmer spring conditions under which it was made. Peak drinking time is
between 2016 and 2050 making it ideal for saving for special family occasions such as anniversaries, milestone
birthdays and graduations. Current RRP is 279 Euro but could fetch an auction price of 300-600 Euro in 20 years time. Stockists include Berry Bros & Rudd and Harrods.
- Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz 2004
Also known as ‘Baby Grange’ due to the wine being
fermented in the same oak barrels that held the previous vintage of Grange. This fine 2004 vintage
has a peak drinking time of 2030, and a case could be perfect for a special occasion such as a son or
daughter’s 21st birthday. A bottle of the 2004 vintage currently retails at 34 Euro but could increase to
50-100 Euro in 20 years at auction. Stockists include Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.
- Penfolds Yattarna Chardonnay 2006
Yattarna’s original Aboriginal name, translated as ‘little by little, gradually’, embodies the aspiration and independence of mind that inspired the making of a white wine that could one day rival Grange. By selectively sourcing the finest Chardonnay grapes this
vintage raises the bar of quality in the Penfolds white wine range. Current RRP is 69 Euro but in 20 years could auction for 100-200 Euro. Stockists include Majestic Wines and Selfridges.
- Penfolds St. Henri Shiraz 2005
Wines often increase in value on anniversary years and last year was the 50th anniversary of the St. Henri range, making it a top vintage to invest in. The 2005 vintage
retails at 89 Euro but prices could rise to 100-200 Euro at auction in 20 years time. Stockists include Noel Young Wines and Harrods.
- Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet 2006
A prestigious vintage specially blended to
commemorate the 30th anniversary of this range. A fantastic wine to drink now for a celebration but has excellent ageing potential with peak drinking time up to 2018. With bottle prices at 10,90 Euro now, prices could rise in 10 years to 50-70 Euro, making it an affordable investment. Stockists
include Sainsbury’s, Asda and Waitrose.


Do your research
Shop around for prices, use the research tools such as the internet or books and
listen to advice from your wine merchant for guidance on which wines will deliver the best returns. Books like PENFOLDS’ ‘The ‘Rewards of Patience’ are useful reference guides for the best vintages to cellar or invest in.

Shop around
If in doubt, shop around for the best deals and don’t be afraid to play it safe. Whilst
established and reputable merchants will stock some quality vintages, a reasonably priced wine can
equally be found at good supermarkets and also make the perfect investment piece.

Pick a selection
It’s good to have a range of wines when starting a collection. A balance of
moderately-priced wines and more expensive ones will mean your wine collection can be enjoyed with
friends at dinner and on special occasions.

Think long term
Expect to invest over a 5-year period, as potential gains can outperform
traditional investment methods. Be ready to sell if advised though, as fluctuations in prices can be

Store it correctly
Keep wine in their original cases to preserve their value on the secondary
market, and make sure you know the provenance and storage history of any wine you buy as this will
seriously affect the market price.

- Handle with care - Ensure bottles are stored sideways with their necks sloping downwards
- In the dark - Make sure light exposure is kept to a minimum
- Steady temperature - Ideal cellaring temperatures are between 14-16°c. White wine in particular is
vulnerable to temperature variations
- Keep them still - Avoid moving bottles until ready to be consumed as vibration interferes with aging
- Cellar alternatives - For those without a cellar, a simple wooden or metal racking system will keep
the bottle well ventilated and provide easy bottle access should you choose to enjoy your wine
investment a little sooner

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PENFOLDS has been producing remarkable Australian wines since 1844. With over 160
years of history, the heritage of the brand sets it apart from other new world wines, making it one of the most prestigious winemakers in the world.