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Umbria, a sun-drenched region rich in water and calcareous-clay soils, is an ideal land for winegrowing. Viticulture in Umbria offers an interesting picture, with multi-faceled shading, styles, and indigenous grape varieties. The region has always able to offer great wines at affordable prices, whether bottles from the most important wineries or from small or up-and-coming ones. In recent years, the picture has become more complex than in the past. The credit goes to grapegrowers and wine entrepreneurs, in some cases young and very young , who have embarked upon some very interesting modern paths, but still take advantage of the lessons of the past. The credit also goes to land that proves to be malleable, able to give good results on many different fronts. The overall wine picture is characterized by a few iGTs and many denominazioni d’origine, few international grape varieties and a great many growers committed to traditional vines. We find confirmation in the introduction to Umbria in the 2014 edition of Gambero rosso’s Vini d’italia: “The scene is no longer dominated solely by sangiovese, grechetto and sagrantino, but also confidently features rediscovered cultivars like trebbiano spoletino, ciliegiolo particularly in the area around Narni and along the Tuscan border,andTrasimeno gamay, similar to grenache. Some varieties that had been completely forgotten are again in the news, such as very recent experimentation with grero, a type of grechetto nero once grown in the Todi area. These are just a few examples that will certainly encounter developing styles and banish a single approach, offering instead a wide array of scenarios in terms of both ageing methods and the final identity of the wine.” Umbria has become a true laboratory. It promises an even more interesting future to a region that has never fallen short of expectations and has always played an important role on the italian wine scene. The wine produced here has consistently spoken the language of its origins in an understandable, identifiable fashion, the result of original rather than homogeneous interpretations.

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