Asociación Ribeiros do Avia


ll four members of the association Ribeiros do Avia Casal de Armán, Coto de Gomariz (Maria Alvarez Serrano), SanClodio (Producciones A Modiño) and Viña Mein share a common philosophy based in the following statements:
# The revival of autochthonous varieties, because they are actually better adapted to microclimate and soil in the Avia Valley.
# Family wineries: they all are small enterprises where mainly their own grape production is used.
# A careful and pampered wine growing from the very moment of the plantation process, respecting the connection between plant and soil to a maximum extend. The bond between plant and soil is indeed essential for the elaboration of any kind of wine.
# Tradition and new technologies are now hand in hand, but with an always-present respect for each vineyard’s identity and wine elaboration processes.
# Wine Growing Alive History. Focal point of the noble classical Ribeiro wine essences, with a long tradition of exportation to Europe and the rest of the Iberian Peninsula.
# Located in the Avia Valley. Local professionals pioneered the first regulation for the production and commercialization of wine in Spain, together with the first demarcation of a wine-growing area, and the foundation of the first Regulatory Council in the Ribeiro Appellation region.
We elaborate very attractive wines that despite their similar elaboration processes, their geographical proximity and use of the same grape varieties are very different from one another. Our wines are always surprising and have not known indifference from those who taste them. It doesn’t matter the consumer’s profile, our wines are continuously gaining supporters, both among experts and fledglings.