OVAL Deutschland GmbH


to the OVAL VODKA PRESS CONFERENCE at the ProWein fair 2010

Reports by Russian experts.

1)The country needs new standards.

OVAL Vodka questions global standards!
It is widely acknowledged that it is only spirits with more than 37,5 vol % that may be referred to as „vodka“. But based on historical data from Russia - the home country of vodka - OVAL Vodka shows that a spirit with 24 vol % is also worthy of the name!

For more information, please attend the short presentation by Vera Grigorjewa, a recognised expert, spirituous beverages historian and author of the Vodka bible „Wodka“ (awarded with the gold medal in the literary contest 2009 of the GAD, publisher: Stocker Verlag).

2)Vodka’s Natural Evolution.

Steel became stainless steel.
Smoke signals became SMS.
Vodka became Structured Vodka.

Andrej Vorobiev – pioneer and freethinker– will present the newest research results of OVAL science. The innovative and long overdue research work aims at producing long-term improvements of the historic „vodka“ brand.

3)Tested and proven.

The newest developments are not just about figures and facts, but to give you a real-life experience.
It is proven that OVAL Vodka 42 and OVAL Vodka 24 are degraded faster compared to similar alcoholic beverages. Please check out the impressive results of the Moscow Health Institute in the scope of this press conference.

Please let us know if you will come:
Date: 21st March 2010
Place: Congress Center Düsseldorf, Stockumer Kirchstraße 61, Raum 01
Time: Start 11:00 am followed by a buffet lunch
RSVP: mail to office@oval-vodka.com