Visitor statements ProWein 2017

Photo: Tina Schwarz and Michele Ponzio
Tina Schwarz and Michele Ponzio, both Chef de Rang, Lokal Werneckhof, Munich.
For both of them it is the first time at ProWein and they will stay for two days. “ The trade fair is really huge and here is a lot to discover, but you have to stay concentrated, because of the great selection,“ they told impressed. They are focused on wine and also spirits like cognac and whiskey and of course, they want to see as much as possible.
Photo: Emanuele Lattarulo and Manfred Stückelschwaiger
Emanuele Lattarulo, Owner and Manfred Stückelschwaiger, Consultant and Sales, alimentari, Osnabrück.
They focus on Italian and Australian Wine. “Visiting ProWein is a regularly doing for us and we are looking forward to discover new wine vintages. We know a lot of winegrowers here and we are glad to meet them, but also to get in touch with other winegrowers.“ Of course, both will stay for more than one day at ProWein.
Photo: Martin Cheng
Martin Cheng, Products Director, Jointek Fine Wines Holding Limited, China:
„I am looking for some good German wines and especially Canadian ice wines“, he told. He has exact notions of his days at ProWein and mentioned also to find special wines with new tastes of countries like France, Argentina and Chile. Visiting business contacts is also very important for him at this fair.
Photo: Ian Casterton
Ian Casterton, Consignment Manager, Noble Estates, Canada:
The company represents many of the top wine and spirits producers from around the world. „I visit ProWein for being well informed and also for meeting business contacts like suppliers. My colleagues and me are looking for good wines and if they are also organic, it is perfect, but organic is not our focus. It is the whole range of good wines. For this reason the trade fair is perfect.“
Photo: Marcin Taras
Marcin Taras, employee, Adega, Poland:
„For me it is the first ProWein in Düsseldorf and I´m looking for good wines and food. So what does good wine mean? That is different for everyone. For me and the company it is the range of sweeter wines, especially white wines.“ Talking to well known and also new distributors and other business contacts is also important for him.
Photo: Kathleen Moore
Kathleen Moore, Owner and Sommelier, K Cellars, Canada:
„You can see wines from all over the world here, that is great,“ she told impressed. It is the second time that she visits the trade fair. For her the mix of appointments, impressions and discovering international wines of countries like Australia, South Africa, Chile and France without going by plane and spend a lot of time, is why she will come back next year.