Visitor statements ProWein 2016

Photo: Christa Busch
"At ProWein you get endlessly inspired", enthuses Christa Busch from Germany. As store owner she appreciates a.o. the big range of French rose wines. "I highly recommend to come to ProWein! It is the place to be, when you want to improve your sense of taste!"
Photo: Koffikan Kouadio
Koffikan Kouadio works for a hotel in Bonn/Germany and wants to know, "which wine is the ideal companion to which dish. ProWein is the best opportunity to taste wines from all over the world and develop expertise in it."
Photo: Dr. Elena Bonicelli
Dr. Elena Bonicelli from Italy works for a human resource agency specialized in the wine sector. She came to ProWein to find potential new Italian customers. "It is worth coming here, because you have a much more business oriented fair, which is very well organized and growing every year!"
Photo: Gonçalo Melo
Gonçalo Melo from Portugal is at ProWein for his first time. "I am here to taste and buy new wines from East Europe, South Africa and Australia. I am quite impressed, it is one of the best fairs I’ve ever seen!"
Photo: François Delhon
French winemaker François Delhon comes to ProWein since he was a kid, accompaning his father’s business. Now he visits it as a distributor. "It is definetely the biggest wine fair in the world and in my opinion better than Vinexpo. Just great to taste the whole world in one place!"
Photo: Hans Kohlen
Hans Kohlen from the Netherlands says about himself that he is "an incredible wine lover! ProWein is the place to be! I come here since 2009 and am very impressed about the size and the quantity of wonderful wines from all over the world! I always start with the tasting zone and then attend some master classes to continuously develop my skills."
Photo: Alejandro Perez
Alejandro Perez from Spain visits ProWein for the first time and is really delighted: "ProWein is great in terms of organization, international visitors, numbers of exhibitors and access to the fair and the city center with public transportation. Furthermore, it has a cool website where one can find the needed information right away. I’ll definitely come back!"