Weingut Ulrich Langguth

Vintage 2012 - Summary

Already in August, the crop on the vine made it apparent that the yield would be down. It was not only the decreased number of bunches of grapes, but also due to PERONOSPORA (downy mildew), a fungus infection. It hurt parts of our vineyards during a long-lasting rainy period in July and caused quite a bit of damage when spraying in the steep vineyards could not take part in time.

The crop which remained untouched developed quickly during September and right into a sunny period in October but once the grapes were in the press we had to recognize that the grapes did not produce as much liquid, that is juices, as last year. On the other hand, they showed Oechsle degrees which were 10% to 15% higher than last year. Most of the juice we examined turned out to be on the Spätlese and Auslese quality level with very a very mature wine acidity.

Although we have not tasted much of our 2012 wines, which are still on yeast, we can forecast a great quality, far above average. However, we admit at the same time that some of our vats and tanks remained empty as finally the yield was 50% less in quantity compared to last year.