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Vinos Guerra - our roots


It’s been a long way since the foundation of Vinos Guerra and release of the first bottles in 1879. Everything started thanks to Antonio Guerra, a pharmacist and real visionary, who managed to understand the potential of the vineyards of Bierzo, far before the appellation Bierzo was established. The diversity and richness of our terroir and old vines have always been key factors to produce unique wines along the Pilgrim Way to Santiago de Compostela. Old vineyards spread over sunny slopes that conceal Roman and Visigothic treasures.

An incredible innovation at different levels with a winery equipped with the best technology at that time. Vinos Guerra also actively contributed to the vineyard renovation after phylloxera and therefore has been decisive in helping defining what would be the new Bierzo. Moreover, as far as marketing is concerned, Guerra was a pioneer with its own advertising sign at Puerta del Sol (Madrid), but also intense media campaigns on papers and radios, with even the broadcast of a “pasodoble” composed to promote one of our brands, not forgetting label pins and other merchandising articles specially created for the wine club.

An important leap after 135 years to strengthen our heritage. Apart from representing more than 30% of the sales of our appellation, our social character has always been a key factor to protect the old vineyards and therefore avoid having them abandoned, which is exactly what would have had happened to most of them without our presence.

With a real respect to our roots and where we come from, a new range of wine to enhance and enrich our Guerra family. A necessary change to satisfy new consumers and markets with different cultures and tastes. A new step to continue sharing our passion for our beloved Bierzo.


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