Vineyard Abril: Bio but more - The secret behind the trend!

At the Abril winery, the largest organic wine estate in the South Baden town of Kaiserstuhl, there is a real sense of new beginnings. Since 2015 the three young wine experts, Eva-Maria Köpfer, Sebastian Faber and Daniel Hank, have been at helm of this 270 year old winery. Their starting capital is considerable: 20 hectares of premium land under rigorously organic vine cultivation as well as a new estate building with multiple award-winning architecture and state-of-the-art cellar technology. However, just being “organic” is not enough for the young winemakers. Abril already boasts largely vegan wines in its range. And in future the Abril wines with an emphasis on red and wine Burgundies will be even more terroir-focused. For this cellar manager Hank looks here to the old wine yeast “Yeast 1895”, also called Sleeping Beauty Yeast. This produces authentic wines with a clear line and typical aromas of the relevant grape variety. Abril has also adopted its own path when it comes to classifying its wines – differentiating here between maturing styles that it calls “Frucht” (fruit), “Stein” (stone/mineral) and “Zeit” (time/reserve).

Weingut Abril
Am Enselberg 1
79235 Vogtsburg-Bischoffingen

phone: +49 7662 949323-0