Vina Apaltagua

Viña Apaltagua receives the Sustainability Certification in all Areas of the Company


With immense satisfaction, we are pleased to report that the winery recently obtained the important certification from Vinos de Chile, that aims to instill the concept of Sustainable Development in the wine-producing companies of Chile.

The implementation of the Sustainability Code developed in a gradual manner, considering as a starting point the work in the agricultural area of the company. In this context, in 2012 the winery was certified in the production in all of its fields, or “green areas”. Today, this certification has been extended to include all areas of the company: the work in the winery (red area), corporate social responsibility (orange area) and the vineyards, which were re-certified.

The Sustainability Code takes into consideration 3 fundamental pillars: the fair and responsible treatment of workers, care for the environment, and the generating of revenue and job creation. This standard of work implies having clear policies in place for ethical matters, caring for the well-being of the workers, their work environment, etc. The protection of the environment also includes the selection of the best practices possible for the management of energy, water, agrochemicals, and soil care.

Rodrigo Abarzúa, General Manager of the winery, explains that “this certification differentiates us from our competition, and allows us to stand out in terms of the preferences of the consumers, both in Chile and abroad. This also challenges us to continue working to improve our standards, in all areas of the company, which directly affects the first-rate quality of the products we offer our clients.”

Viña Apaltagua has vineyards in 6 different valleys in Chile, each with distinct qualities and characteristics. Today, Apaltagua is present in the Maipo, Casablanca, San Antonio, Colchagua, Curicó and Maule valleys, with a wide offering of varieties and wines. There is also a Guest House at the Hacienda San Juan de Pirque, in the Maipo Valley. Apaltagua exports its wines to over 40 countries around the world.

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