Versatile Spirits Ranges on Display at ProWein 2005: Vodka, Whisky and Other “Potent” Spirit

Scarcely any other trade fair held this year in Germany boasts such comprehensive and versatile ranges of spirits as ProWein from 6 to 8 March in Düsseldorf. The suppliers of select, finest schnapps are represented here as are multinational branded product manufacturers. The line-up ranges from “A“ as in Allied Domecq or Altenburger Spirituosen to Borco, Campari, Diageo, Humbel, Jolly Roger Imports, Maxxium, Schladerer, Semper Idem and to “Z“ as in Zumot Destilleries from Jordan specialised in arrack. Russian and Polish vodka can be found alongside whisky, whiskey and specialities or niche products as well as the latest trends from hip food suppliers.