Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde az. Agr. Nicola Campagnola


‘Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde’ is a completely self-sufficient winery and controls every aspect of it’s winemaking process And very importantly, due to the unique growing conditions, the winery can proudly boast that it uses no pesticides in the cultivation of its vines, and no enological additives and auxiliaries in the winemaking process. This makes the wine of ‘Tenuta Santa maria Valverde’, a product of the highest biological purity.
When the harvest is completed, only the best grapes are selected and set aside for for drying and subsequently transforming into the sensational Amarone wine that has made the Valpolicella the envy of wine lovers and producers throughout the world,

The drying of the grapes for the Amarone takes place in the wineryìs natural stone drying chamber, 400 meters above sea level without the aid of fans, ventilators or other machines. This reliance on the altitude and natural meteorological and atmospheric conditions of the area are paramount in giving a different characteristic identity to each year’s wine.
‘Tenuta Santa Maria’ produces Valpolicella Classico Superiore ,Valpolicella Classico superiore Ripasso and of course Amarone which are aged in oak barrels.
All bottles are individually numbered to ensure traceability from the vineyard to the product and for guarantee igienic health safety of the wines and the exclusivity of the product.