Miguel Calatayud, S. A.

Trebolé; totally unconventional.

Trebolé, totally unconventional
Bodegas Miguel Calatayud has launched Trebolé, a partially fermented white must with just 8% alcoholic strength, produced with Muscatel and Sauvignon Blanc that will be presented at the next PROWEIN in Düsseldorf.

Bodegas Miguel Calatayud, is one of the oldest wineries in Valdepeñas (Spain), founded in 1.920 with recently introduced new style wines that are a perfect balance between classic Spanish wines and modern young varietals.

On this occasion, the Spanish winery has produced a partially fermented white must with two of the most important white grapes in the world: Muscatel and Sauvignon Blanc.

Under the Trebolé brand this low alcohol product with just 8% vol. alcohol is getting a large following of young people and it is also catching on with the olver crowd who are concerned about alcohol consumption.

José Sanchez-Barba, the Bodegas Miguel Calatayud winemaker describes Trebolé as: “A pale yellow colour wine with tinges of green and subtle carbonic bubbles. Elegant fresh aromas reminiscent of tropical fruits that are typical of the grapes used. Fresh silky and fruity on the palate. Good balance of acidity and sugar”.

The Trebolé image is quite fresh and young using a four leaf shamrock on the label that expresses positive thinking. “Trebol” in Spanish means “Shamrock” and that together with a very well known Spanish word as “Olé” create a magic brand with a very unconventional product.

But this is not all. Vegaval Plata launched last summer four new red wines such as Tempranillo and white wines namely Airén semi-sweet and semi-dry wine. People are very impressed with the semi-sweet wines and particularly with the Vegaval Plata Tempranillo semi-sweet which is not really a dessert wine at all. It is sufficiently soft, sweet and well structured and goes very well with Asian or Mexican Food and is an excellent complement with many kinds of cakes.

In the words of our winemaker, José Sanchez-Barba “With this range I have tried to get a perfect balanced of fresh wines suitable both young people and for wine lovers as well”.

Bodegas Miguel Calatayud will be presenting at PROWEIN in the Spanish pavilion at stand number 6D40 / 27, all these wines including Vegaval Plata Reserva that was recently awarded a Mundus Vini Gold Medal.