Torre do Frade Soc. Agr. Torre do Curvo

Torre do Frade Reserva and cork

Our Torre do Frade Reserva is presented without capsule around the bottleneck has an alternative we present the bottle with a neckless around the neck, with the following text in the back: We believe that natural cork is a crucial feature in the essence of wine, therefore, we preent our cork "aux naturelle", without capsule on.

This is a way of differentiating our wine from the competition ones and at the same time we protect our land and region economic interests, because Portugal is the world leader in the cork industry and our region particulary, Alentejo, is the area in Portugal were stays the biggest density of corktrees in the world.

So by love and dedication to our roots and in order to differentiate our product conceptually and visually, we present our Torre do Frade Reserva with a great cork that every body can see the type of enclosure.