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The wine sector actively promotes responsible consumption all over Europe

Wines are much more than alcoholic beverages. This is the common message promoted by the WINEinMODERATION European programme, supported by the main umbrella organisations of the European wine sector under the auspices of the Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins (CEEV). This programme is the contribution of the European wine sector to the Alcohol Strategy of the European Commission and aims at reducing alcohol-related harm.

Through this initiative, the wine sector wishes to inform about responsible and moderate consumption of wine, and thereby raise awareness among the public.

The WINEinMODERATION programme aims at re-establishing pleasurable consumption and reducing abusive consumption. It is perfectly consistent with the mindset of the wine sector: the only way to preserve the good reputation of wine and sparkling wine is to high-light values such as pleasurable consumption, tradition and know-how, while clearly keep-ing our distance with abusive consumption and the harm it produces. By doing so, we will be able to preserve, on the long run, a political, economical and social framework offering a valuable future for the new generation of our sector.

The strategy of the European wine sector consists in an education campaign: WINEin-MODERATION. The message remains the same for all countries, but the implementing methods are left to the discretion of each country.

A European information centre is currently under development for all the EU countries involved in the project. It will aim at spreading consistent information regarding scientific research and alcohol policy. Wine communication standards have also been set up for all stakeholders on the basis of the sector’s existing commitments to a responsible commer-cial communication.

The milestone of this European initiative is a large-scale information programme present-ing the health effects of both moderate and abusive alcohol consumption, the regulations in force, and the non-binding codes of conduct of the German Advertising Council (Deutscher Werberat).
The programme is already being implemented in Germany through information sessions in wine schools and postgraduate schools, as well as professional training centres, som-meliers schools, and vocational and higher education schools. These targeted training sessions allow us to raise awareness among the wine filière stakeholders, who then spread this “message” among the consumers. At the end of the day, the consumers are the actual targets of this message.

In order to facilitate the dissemination of this message, communication materials are now available in six languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese). These tools offer, along with the www.wineinmoderation.eu website, information on the programme and its content. We strongly encourage all organisations and exploitations from the wine sector to extensively use them.

The national implementation of the programme in Germany is supported by the German wine sector forum (consisting of the Bundesverband der Dt. Weinkellereien und des Fach-handels (National league of German wine farms and specialised trade), the Deutscher Weinbauverband (German wine-growers association), the IHK Trier für die DIHK (the Trier Chamber of commerce on behalf of the German Chamber of commerce), and the Deutscher Raiffeisenverband (German Raiffeisen federation)), as well as by the German sparkling wine producers’ association (Verband Deutscher Sektkellereien) and the German Wine Fund/German Wine Academy (Deutschen Weinfonds/Deutsche Weinakademie).

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