Consorzio Tutela del Gavi

The origin of GAVI Docg dates back to 972 A.D.

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The “Consorzio Tutela del Gavi” gives life to the project “Gavi since 972AD – the history of a great white wine” developed to promote and enhance the territory and its products. It is a project which sees, for the first time in this area, all the wineries united working together.
This long-term project to improve the territory’s standing, has been achieved with the strategic collaboration of a communications agency specialized in the marketing of the terroir both here in Italy and abroad.
Amongst these initiatives is the conception and realization of a digital platform – www.gavi972.it - dedicated in part to the social networks (facebook, twitter etc.) which has at its heart the goal of promoting this territory online; public and media relations with journalists and opinion leaders in the world of wine, but not only. Also, and perhaps especially in life-style, current affairs, leisure sector etc. Furthermore there are tours and courses specifically for buyers and journalists, and events scheduled for the public passionate about wine and those who are merely curious.