Foss Marai S.p.A.

The new sparkling Foss Marai: Surfine Cuvèe Brut!

Foss Marai presented its latest product last year at the Vinitaly: the Surfine Cuvèe Brut, also available at Prowein 2013.

Foss Marai Sufine Cuvèe Brut is the most refined version of the producer's historical Cuvèe. the aim of Foss Marai was to improve the product yet further, maturing part of the base wine in small barrels, for no more than six months, through a micro-oxygenation technique that matures the noble tannins and exalts the flavour of the famous Cuvèe Brut base, while the rest of the wine is matured in steel (or "sur lie").

Sufine Cuvèe Brut preserves and exalts the Foss Marai style, marked by a delicate bouquet of yellow fruits and wild flowers, with a hint of peppers (characteristics of Sauvignon Blanc), which blend seamlessly to create a balanced wine, especially to the taste. Decidedly full-bodied, it fully reflects the unmistakable and inimitable personality of Foss Marai, with its pleasant, lingering aftertaste.