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The name of a wine? Negroamaro of Copertino!

The Italian and international success of Cupertinum wines

The year 2011 has been a successful year both for wines of Cupertinum, the historical winery from Cupertino.

But, besides the name of the most important vine from Salento by which the band was inspired (but beware: the "o" in the band name is missing, whilst it appears in the name of the vine), what are the common characteristics between Negramaro and Cupertinum? Surely the quality. Wines of Cupertinum have benefited from the rewards of critics and consumers too: "A high-profile Copertino Riserva embellishes a range of wines which do not record failures and show real personality ...", like this way in the guide I Vini d’Italia 2012 by L’Espresso, which continues: "evolved garnet, intense at the nose, aromas of Mediterranean maquis and ripe fruit, generous and lively at the palate, with advanced and complex tones in closing," result: "4 Bottles," best wine of the DOC Cupertino, for Settantacinque Riserva Speciale 2004 (90% Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera 10%) of Cupertinum. The guide awards "3 Bottles" also to IGT Salento Negroamaro and Primitivo wines declarated best wine for quality and price. Also remember:
➢ The good and complete sheet dedicated to Cupertinum wines by the Italian Association of Sommelier Duemilavini, which awards Copertino Rosso Riserva 2004 with "4 Grapes" and "Three" the Settantacinque, the Copertino, the Primitivo and the Cigliano Bianco;
➢ The Guide SlowWine by Slow Food signals the "beneficial relationship between quality and price" of Cupertinum Wines " which represent the peculiarity of the region and of its vineyards, without yielding to the fashions and easy tastes ";
➢ The Guide I Vini di Veronelli selects Primitivo 2008 as best wine of Cupertinum, also highlighting with a the Red Star the Rosso Riserva Settantacinque and the Negroamaro;
➢ The Guide ViniBuoni d’Italia by Touring awards the prize of "Wine must have" to the Settantacinque.
➢ The Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani by Luca Maroni rewards the Settantacinque as an excellent wine and assigns excellent scores to the Negroamaro, the Spinello dei Falconi and the Primitivo.
Deserves a separate chapter amazing article writtenn by the food and wine critic Ulrich Sautter in the November issue of Der Feinschmecker, the most popular and influential German monthly wine and food review. In a dossier dedicated to the wines of Salento, Sautter devotes a long laudatory description of Cupertinum and its wines.
From Sweden instead the Stora Vin Guiden and the magazines Munskanken Med Vin Jornalen and Allt Om Mat Vin Special reward Copertino Riserva Doc and Copertino Rosso Doc, rankeing them among the best wines distributed in Sweden. Remember too that – although this Scandinavian country does not produce wines - wine tasters, journalists and fans in Sweden have a high competence in evaluating and a traditional attention to wine-making culture. It is therefore a further excellent confirmation.
Finally Enogea, the rigorous wine-making magazine, directed by Alexander Masnaghetti, dedicated a dossier to red wines from Puglia and rewarded Cupertinum with good grades in the whole series of Doc Rosso. In particular it enhances the Rosso Riserva: " aromatic purity as never before (blueberries, tobacco, leather and iron swings) and well-proportioned mouth, with timely tannins in the development, never too pronounced heat and a persistent salty closing that stimulates a long and wide persistence of feelings. Steely hold when the bottle is open. "

The President Dr. Petito and the winemaker Mario Giuseppe Leuzzi Pizzolante declare themselves satisfied with the achieved results "because they value the work done in the last two years and confirm the historical awards (including those of the two great wine critics: Hugh Johnson and Veronelli). From Northern Europe very positive signs of critics and audiences come to us. It is the success of wine quality, and quality is at he first place of Cupertinum’s priorities ".
Last but not least. Pino De Luca, in his popular column "Wineries and Singers", has dedicated an article to Negroamaro of Cupertinum and to Andrea Mariano "Android" – the keyboardist and composer Negramaro from Copertino too- and their positive contamination "... in a small plot of land, distant worlds have merged into one ... if it is Negroamaro or Negramaro is not invalidating, I just enjoy them together, I find it wonderfully exciting. "

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