JSC Teliani Valley Wine

Telliani Valley’s Qvevri Wine – Samshvenisi 2011 Was selected for Grand Terroir Tasting (A world-first showcase for wines from the wider Eastern)

EWBC announces GRAND TERROIR Tasting Selection, only 2 wines were selected from Georgia and one of them is Teliani Valley’s White dry wine Samshvenisi kvevri of 2011 vintage.

The GRAND TERROIR Tasting is a showcase for wines from the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean, including Georgia, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and Armenia. The goal is to present a broad and exciting picture of the region to over 200 wine influencers and writers from around the world by exploring wines from many countries side-by-side.

The Georgian Wine Association brought a range of wines from Georgia the "Land of 8000 Vintages" to introduce its range of autochthonous varieties and wine making techniques, including wines from both the "European" and Traditional, or Qvevri, styles. With this purpose on October 8, 2012 almost all Georgian wine samples were sent to London for tasting.

But in the final list of wines to be poured at the Grand Terroir Tasting set to take place during the EWBC - Digital Wine Communications Conference in Izmir, Turkey, on November 9-11, 2012 have been enlisted only two of them:- Telliani Valley’s White dry wine Samshvenisi Kvevri of 2011 vintage and Shukhman Wines Georgia – Vinotera Saperavi of 2009 vintage.