The Azienda Agricola of the Valentini Bocale family was established in Fratta Alzatura in Montefalco, near Madonna della Stella. This area is known for its sanctuary and for the high quality of agricultural products. Just six kilometers from the center of Montefalco (PG), located on a hill overlooking the valley of Spoleto, about 473 meters high, it offers a beautiful view of what has been rightly called the "Balcony of Umbria". Montefalco, a treasure chest of the Florentine painter Benozzo Gozzoli (preserved in the church - Museum of San Francisco), is identified with the ancient Mons Faliscus, destroyed during the civil wars of the First century b.c. and named in The Middle as “ Coccorone”. The area was destroyed by the militia under the emperor Frederick II, who arrived around 1249. It later became a growing municipality and took the current name, Montefalco; inspired by the Emperor who practiced falconry. In 1329 Pope John XXII began the construction of a fortress that the Trinci family of Foligno knocked down in the Fifteenth Century, following their temporary dominion of Montefalco. It returned under the Church domain and became and independent town in 1848 by Pius IX.

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