Berlucchi Guido & C. Spa

Sustainability, a responsibility to share

Sustainability is a responsibility to be shared. In fact, the first and only solar-energy monitoring system in the wine world is now online, thanks to a project launched by Guido Berlucchi in Borgonato, Franciacorta, completely in line with its role as pioneer: Berlucchi introduced the very first Franciacorta, in 1961, as well as Italy’s first classic-method rosé, Max Rosé, in 1962.

Web users can view the monitor on www.berlucchi.it by clicking on the logo “Berlucchi Green”.

They will be connected to the impressive solar panel installation on top of the winemaking facility, which produces 39% of the electricity needed by the winery (2012 figure). The monitor will allow the user to view the installation’s daily energy production, plus the comprehensive total produced since its start-up, in 2011, in addition to the CO2 emissions avoided, barrels of oil not consumed, and mid-size trees not cut down.
These numbers are of fundamental importance, and drive home the urgency of finding real, concrete alternative energy sources.

The monitor also displays data from the weather monitoring station in the Brolo vineyard, adjacent to the historical cellars, as well as in-depth background information on Berlucchi’s “green” practices, including precision fertilisation, water conservation, and the ITA.CA project, thank to which Berlucchi recently received its ISO certification.

The photovoltaic installation, composed of 2,600 solar panels, was created by the non-profit social cooperative Cantiere del Sole in Brescia, which facilitates the integration of the socially disadvantaged into society through work activities which teach them new skills and allow them to re-acquire personal dignity.