De Bortoli Wines Pty. Ltd.


There is no doubt that climate change means there is an urgent imperative to adopt environmentally sustainable practices. Our future lies in looking after the health of our soils and plants and carefully managing our precious water resources.

De Bortoli Wines has made a serious commitment to the environment, going well beyond mandatory requirements by adopting a wide range of innovative programs and practices. These encompass water management, biological farming, including the use of compost tea and compost and mulch as well as packaging & waste management. The ultimate goal is to be 'The Zero Waste Wine Company'.

We have changed our thinking and our approach to growing grapes and making wine, moving towards biological farming practices. The change has been both philosophical and pragmatic in terms of sustainability and environmental responsibility but also by improving our soils, the result is healthy fruit producing better quality wine, and ultimately a healthier bottom line.

Our new philosophy is driven by our desire to leave a legacy for future generations, an idea that has resonance for any family-owned company.

International Sustainability Award Winners
We are extremely proud to be the recipients of the 2011 'Drinks Business Green Awards' International Sustainability Award. ‘The Drinks Business Green Awards’ are an initiative of Europe’s leading drinks trade publication. It aims to emphasise the vital role of sustainability in the development of the drinks industry, as well as raise awareness of green issues and reward environmental and ethical leadership worldwide.

Upon winning the award, Winemaker Steve Webber acknowledged the work of his wider team. He said: “Winning this award helps us to highlight the movements De Bortoli is making towards becoming a sustainable company - at De Bortoli we are always striving for better