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South Italy's White Wines of Irpinia

Greco di Tufo grape

The Campania region of Italy produces some of the world’s finest white wines, in addition to the more commonly known red Aglianico-Taurasi wines. The finest dry white wines of Irpinia territory are unique to the Campania region; nowhere else in the world you can find such wines. As with many fine wines, however, their production is small.

Most of Irpinia’s dry and semi-dry white wines come from the following eight districts: Tufo, Altavilla Irpina, Chianche, Montefusco, Prata di Principato Ultra, Petruro Irpino, Santa Paolina e Torrioni.

These districts are the home of Greco di Tufo finest white wine. Other white wines, mainly inexpensive versions, come from grapes grown throughout the Campania region rather than in a specific district.

Greco di Tufo grapes are the dominant grape variety (60 to 100 percent) in most of Irpinia’s dry white wine.

Greco di Tufo wine deserved the protected designation of origin (DOP-DOCG).

Drinking white Greco di Tufo:

The Greco di Tufo is a versatile wine. It offers immediate charm; it’s crisp, lively, herbaceous, light-bodied, and develops early.

Dry white Greco di Tufo typically goes well with chicken, turkey, veal, and delicate fish entrées. It also goes well with soft, mild cheeses; goat cheese is particularly fine with white Greco di Tufo.

Like most fine white wines, dry white Greco di Tufo is best when you serve it slightly cool, but not cold! The ideal serving temperature is in the 58°F to 62°F (14°C to 16°C) range.

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